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En Route HQ FAQ
  1. Where do I get the EnRouteHQ app from
    a.  Get the EnRouteHQ App on the iTunes App Store :
  2. What do I do once I have the app - start by creating yourself an EnRouteHQ account and get your own unique Trip Pin identity:
    a.  On the iPhone – touch "Create Account" on the Home tab
    b.  On the web – click "Register Here" at
    c.  Send your Trip Pin to friends so they can follow you – touch “Email Trip Pin” on the "Home" or "I’m EnRoute" tabs
  3. How do friends follow me?
    a.  On the iPhone – they should add your Trip Pin to their "Friends List" on the "Trip View" tab
    b.  On the Web – enter your Trip Pin at
  4. How do I follow friends?
    a.  On the iPhone – add their Trip Pins to your "Friends List" on the "Trip View" tab
    b.  On the Web – enter their Trip Pin at
  5. How do I send messages to my travelling friends
    a.  On the iPhone – touch their image on the "Trip View" and use the message button
    b.  On the Web – click the message button on the trip log
  6. Can I see a list of all EnRouteHQ users so I can contact them?
    a.  Good idea – that will be in a future release along with other good stuff
    b.  For now, share your Trip Pins between friends – why not add it to your email footer so all your friends get to know your Trip Pin
  7. I want to see myself on the “Trip View” map along with my friends
    a.  Add your own Trip Pin to your "Friends List" on the "Trip View" tab
    b.  On the Web – click the message button on the trip log
  8. What is a Quick Trip?
    a.  It’s just an ad hoc, unnamed trip that you want to take right now
    b.  If you have particular trips which you take regularly, eg “Home to London”, use Add Trips at to register them
    c.  Use the My Trips tab on the iPhone to download/start your regular trips – it’s an alternative to Quick Trip
  9. Where can I see my previous trips?
    a.  Go to and select Trip History
  10. Can I play music when I am using EnRouteHQ?
    a.  Yes – start your music playing, then start EnRouteHQ
    b.  NOTE: Double-Click the iPhone “Home” button (the round indented one with the square on it) to access iPod controls without leaving EnRouteHQ
  11. Can I play games and make calls when I am using EnRouteHQ?
    a.  The iPhone operating system doesn’t currently run several Apps at once, that’s just the way the iPhone is
    b.  EnRouteHQ works fine with music playing and handles inbound phone calls, texts, etc
    c.  Can I make a call or send a text during a trip - yes, exit EnRouteHQ, make your call then restart the app
    d.  Can I play a game during a trip – yes, exit EnRouteHQ, play your game, then restart the app
    e.  NOTE: if you temporarily exit EnRouteHQ, your trip location is not updated during that period – press the “On A Call” button before you exit so your friends know why you’re "offline"
  12. How can I save battery power when I am on a trip?
    a.  Press the iPhone "Sleep" button (the one on the top adjacent to the headphone socket) to switch off the screen
    b.  EnRouteHQ continues to function when the iPhone is asleep and updates your trip info so your friends can still follow you